Do you ever wake up and wonder “what’s it all about?  You get up to go to work, sit in traffic and put up with all the other disgruntled people, weaving in and out of lanes trying to get there quicker. Pay lip service to the boss, attend endless pointless meetings, come home frazzled have a couple of hours  before going to bed and wake up the next day and do it all again.  You’re on a conveyor belt with no sense of purpose but it pays the bills.

I’ve been there, I was in a well-paid job but latterly I hated it. I remember thinking what is this all about, but it paid well and enabled me to have things, live in nice house, have a nice car and go on fancy holidays.  That’s what we’re all striving for isn’t it?

I realised that was totally the wrong way of thinking so when there was a chance of redundancy I jumped at it. By the way I still have a nice house, the same car which is perfect for what I need, just a runaround and I still go on holidays, the difference being I don’t need a week lying by a pool in a luxury hotel to recharge my batteries, as they’re not flat!

I had no idea what I wanted to do but I wanted to find my “Purpose”. Having done a lot of soul searching and researching I realised that a sense of purpose doesn’t come with a title.  I always thought  that a sense of purpose came as a vocation or  you would wake up and instinctively know what it was.  That does happen for some people but they are few and far between.

I learned that it’s about finding things to fill your time that are important to you.  Sitting thinking about it won’t work you have to take action.  If there are things in life you want, go after it, if there are things in your life dragging you down get rid of them.  If you don’t know what you want then try out different activities, visit new place, try meditation, volunteer, write an article , try a new hobby, anything, don’t over think things just do it.

Some you’ll love, some you’ll hate but only by doing will you discover your passion and if you are following your passion, you have a purpose.  For me I found my sense of purpose when I came across an online marketing education programme which has enabled me to start my own business.  I’ve found a creative side of me that I didn’t know existed and also I’m loving the fact that I can help others make the best of their lives.  The mindset training has helped me to learn to live in the now and enjoy life, there is no better purpose than to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

I notice this particularly when I go out walking I used to constantly think about what I need to do when I got back and my head was full of tasks and chores, and now I consciously look around me take in the scenery listen to birds, smile at people, notice life.  It’s the same walk, it takes the same amount of time but it’s so much more enjoyable and so simple to do.  I now apply that to all aspects of life and what a difference it makes. Life is too short to miss the now and always be looking forward.  Be aware of what you are doing don’t just rush through to the next thing.

Let go of the idea that you only have one purpose in life.  A life full of purpose is a life lived and enjoyed  – you don’t have to change the world.

To get more information on the programme that gave me my sense of purpose click on this link.

Alison Boulton